Driving To Qatar From The UAE For The FIFA World Cup Will Cost You AED5,043


Football fans who want nothing more than to catch the FIFA World Cup matches live at the stadium will have no choice but to splurge a little extra… in light of new developments.

Ministry of Interior, Qatar, announced the entry procedures for FIFA World Cup 2022 (scheduled to take place from 20 November to 18 December), and international fans planning on driving down will have to shell out a non-refundable fee of AED5,043 for a vehicle entry permit.

Between Tuesday, November 1 and Friday, December 23, international arrivals driving through the Abu Samra border crossing must have a vehicle entry permit.

You can apply for the vehicle entry permit through Hayya.

The catch? Apart from the pricey fee, the entry permit will ONLY be granted to fans with confirmed accommodation for at least 5 nights & the vehicle must hold a minimum of 3 passengers

Those who are denied an entry permit will have to leave their cars at the border and take a free shuttle bus into Doha.

The journey from Dubai to Qatar is more than 600 kilometres long and will take you around 6-7 hours to reach

Motorists will pass through two borders, UAE To Saudi Arabia (Ghuwaifat) and Saudi Arabia to Qatar (Salwat).

The fee of QR5,000 (AED5,043) does not apply to citizens, residents and GCC nationals who own a Qatari ID card and cars with Qatari number plates.

International visitors going by road will need to obtain a valid visa for both Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

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