Your Go To Guide At Hamad International Airport

Lama Shahin
Your Go To Guide To Hamad International Airport

We know how stressful travelling can be, especially in large airports (absolutely gorgeous, but large nonetheless). So, we decided to create a guide to help make your journey through Hamad International Airport become more seamless and stress-free!

Lucky for you, Hamad Airport is one of the easiest places to get around (and you’ll also get to meet the infamous yellow bear)!

Getting to the check-in area..

First off, make sure you have all your travel documents ready. Those include your ticket, passport, exit permit, and destination visas. Check-in usually opens three hours before your flight’s departure time, and closes 60 minutes before your flight takes off so make sure you’re there on time!

Next, Passport control and Immigration

To find out if you need an exit permit, check out the Hukoomi website. If you have family members staying with you in Doha, any male visitors whose stay in Qatar exceeding one month are required to obtain an exit permit when exiting the country (female family members are exempt).

When you arrive at Passport Control, scan your boarding card at the automated security gates just before the passport control area. Keep your travel documents ready to present to the immigration officer.

Watch out for these details!

If you’re travelling to a GCC country (Gulf Cooperation Council), then your passport must be valid for at least six months (three months for GCC citizens). Otherwise, your airline won’t allow you to travel!

If you have any unpaid fines in Qatar, then you won’t be allowed to leave the country. Make sure any unpaid fines are settled before you travel. You can also pay your fines at the Ministry of Interior office at Hamad International Airport.

Make sure you don’t have any prohibited items in your hand baggage!

That’s it! Time to have fun at the most stunning and entertaining airport!

Hamad International Airport is by far one of the most breathtaking airports, there’s nothing you need that you won’t be able to find there! Go ahead and explore your favourite finds from shopping to food outlets!

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