Here Are Google’s Most Bizarre Frequently Asked Questions About Qatar

Farah Makhlouf

Have you ever come across these interviews where the questions come from Google? Basically, a celeb reads people’s most-asked questions about them through Google search by typing “why is Nick Jonas…” and Google generates the most asked questions.

If you scroll down a bit on any Google search, you’ll find the section ‘People also ask’ and more frequently-asked questions appear.

Lovin Doha types in ‘Qatar’ to see what bizarre questions people have about the country… here we go

Question 1. What country owns Qatar?

Excellent question however it’s been answered in the question. Qatar owns the country of Qatar.


Question 2. Why/What is Qatar famous for?

Besides the amazing people and stunning architecture? Honestly, it’s the country’s wealth and that it has the world’s largest reserves of petroleum and natural gas.

You may have also heard that it was the host of the FIFA World Cup 2022 which was kind of a big deal.


Question 3. Is Qatar considered Africa or Asia?

Seeing as the small Middle Eastern nation is nowhere near Africa, we’ll have to go with West Asia. When referring to Qatar, most people say it’s part of the GCC countries, which is the Gulf Cooperation Council and it’s the most accurate way to describe it’s location. Otherwise, stick to the Middle East.


Question 4. Is it safe to travel to Qatar?

Definitely, in fact, Doha was ranked as the second-safest city in the world in a 2023 report. Check it out!


Question 5. Can you drink alcohol in Qatar?

Do you want a short or long answer? In summary, you cannot drink alcohol in places where it’s not permitted, meaning it can only be consumed in your own home, restaurants and hotels where they serve alcohol.


Question 6. What language is spoken in Qatar?

Arabic. The country has its own dialect though. But people in Qatar also speak English.



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