Market In Qatar Boycotts Swedish Products

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The Qatari supermarket chain Souq Al Baladi removed all Swedish products from its shelves after the recent attacks on the Quran in Sweden, with permission from the police.
The market will not sell Swedish products in its branches either.
In a statement, Al Baladi said that all Swedish products would be boycotted until further notice.

Decreation of the Quran in Sweden

An Iraqi living in Sweden stomped on and kicked Islam’s holy book, the Quran, in a two-man rally outside the Iraqi Embassy in Stockholm on Thursday. The protest was authorised by Swedish police, who kept a handful of counter-demonstrators at a safe distance.
Following the incident, world-wide protests have sparked outrage in several Islamic countries like Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, and Qatar as Sweden lacks laws against blasphemy and protections for freedom of speech.
The same Iraqi man burned a Quran outside a Stockholm mosque last month in a similar protest that was approved by police.

Qatar and 12 other countries pass a resolution

A deeply divided United Nations human rights council has approved a resolution that urges countries to address, prevent, and prosecute acts and advocacy of religious hatred, after incidents of Qur’an-burning in Sweden.
The resolution was strongly opposed by the US, EU and other western countries, which argued that it conflicted with laws on free speech. About 28 countries including Qatar voted in favour while 12 voted against, and seven preferred abstaining.


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