Verdict Issued In Al Mansoura Building Collapse Case: Accused Sentenced & Fines Imposed


The Public Prosecution of the State of Qatar has announced the verdict in the case concerning the residential building collapse that occurred on 22 March 2023 in the Bin Durham area of Al Mansoura.

Following a thorough legal process, the competent court has delivered judgments against the accused parties involved in the incident.

The director of the maintenance company responsible for the building has been sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment, while the consultant of the company faces a 3-year prison term. Additionally, the individual who owns the building has been sentenced to 1 year of imprisonment, with the prison sentence suspended, as stated by the Public Prosecution.

In addition to the prison sentences, fines have been imposed on the main accused entities. The maintenance company has been fined QR 500,000, while the building owner has been fined QR 20,000.

Furthermore, the statement issued by the Public Prosecution confirms that expatriates accused in the case will be deported from Qatar upon completion of their sentences. This decision underscores the commitment to upholding justice and ensuring accountability in cases of negligence or wrongdoing that result in harm to individuals or property.


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