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Discover The Top Place In Town To Tuck Into Seriously Good Affogato Delights

Indulge in the Ultimate Affogato Experience  The UAE is one of the best melting pots of diverse cultures around the world, but one of the things that all of us love is coffee! It’s the perfect pick-me-up at any time of the day. No matter what you crave, coffee’s got you! With the temperatures getting …

May 6, 2024

Here Are Some Pointers From The RTA To Keep In Mind While Driving In The Fog

Winter is finally here and nature has finally begun draping a blanket over the Earth…a comfy, cosy blanket of fog! And while we may enjoy this visual reminder, there are a few points to keep in mind. The Road and Transports Authority (RTA) have issued a few warnings for drivers to keep in mind while taking …

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October 19, 2022

‘I Woke Up Like This’ Dubai Fog Videos Are Viral Around The World

‘I Woke Up Like This:’ Dubai Fog Videos Are Viral Around The World The Arctic has Northern Lights, Europe has Alps and We Have The Foggggg… A Dubai photographer has been sharing STUNNING videos of Dubai fog, one of the images was accompanied by this caption, and it’s SO true. Watching the fog zoom through …

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February 16, 2021

Dubai’s Crown Prince Shares Unbeatable Photographs Of The City’s Serene Foggy Mornings

Dubai’s Crown Prince Shares Unbeatable Photographs Of The City’s Serene Foggy Mornings. While we all stop to smell the roses, snap a quick pic, the Dubai Crown Prince shares unbeatable photographs of the serene foggy mornings, here in Dubai. The towers peaking in through the fog, make it look like this city is on cloud …


February 11, 2021

Even Nature Is Congratulating The UAE’s Mars Mission With Heavenly Fogs This Morning

It’s been a BIG week for the UAE and the Arab world. A week that will be remembered throughout history for decades to come. The UAE’s 7-month long Mars Mission’s Hope Probe successfully entered the Mars orbit, taking Arabs to the furthest point that they have ever been in the universe. For which even mother …

February 10, 2021

Abu Dhabi Residents Woke Up To Some Hauntingly Dense Fog This Morning

Abu Dhabi residents were quite surprised to have waken up to striking yet haunting foggy conditions this morning, with some sharing their view on social media. Although Dubai has seen its fair share of fog in the last few weeks, the neighbouring Emirates of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain are now experiencing dense fog and …

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February 5, 2021

Dubai’s Crown Prince Shares Extraordinary Pictures Of This Week’s Fog

You think you snapped a nice pic of the fog this am? Well, wait till you see what Dubai’s Crown Prince just shared on his Insta feed. A keen photographer, and no doubt he’s got access to the best rooftops and drones in town, Fazza just shared snaps of the Burj Khalifa, the Burj Al …

January 19, 2021

Plan In Advance: Dense Fog In Dubai To Linger On Until Wednesday Morning 

Starting earlier this week, Dubai has been covered in a monster fog practically every morning. And thus, the many, MANY ‘Dubai fog’ pictures and videos taking over social media. But love it or hate it, you can’t deny that Dubai is an absolute beaaauttt under a blanket of fog and mist. According to the National …

Dubai Residents Are Living For The Beautiful Foggy Views Today

If you haven’t looked outside the window lately in the morning, you’re probably missing out on some heavenly views. Yes, it’s that time of the year when everyone’s social media is stocked with gorg sunrise photos, rainy vids and foggy views. And some of these shots are breathtaking. Dubai Sports City was Fog City all …

December 4, 2020

Dubai Wakes Up Under A Thick Blanket Of Heavy Fog

The message to motorists this morning? Drive carefully! Visibility has been reduced across the Emirates and a thick blanket of fog has covered parts of the city. September 21 marked the official end of summer in the UAE and today brings a chillier AM! People are sharing snaps and videos of the cooler morning, while …

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September 22, 2020

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