Daman-e-Koh Could Get A Facelift Leaving People Breathless


Daman-e-koh has been around for decades, with a history that makes this mountain top one of the most popular spots in Pakistan. A US-based architect has been asked to present to Prime Minister, Imran Khan, a new and improved version of Daman-e-koh. A facelift it deserves! It is even said to become one of the top tourist spots if this project is to progress.

Tony Ashai is the US-based architect that was asked to present the Daman-e-koh concept to the Prime Minister. He clearly said “it is only an idea at the moment and nothing more than that. In case the concept is turned into reality, it will be the most environment-friendly project in the world.”

New version of Daman-e-koh in the eyes of the architect

Daman-e-koh has brought people from far and wide to experience this beautiful gem of a city. By that, it means to be able to take your phone out and take a selfie with the entire city of Islamabad behind you in clear sight! Once this project does happen, when it does, then it will be a MAJOR project to look out for! *Heart-Melting*


Here’s what the food court is could potentially look like at Daman-e-koh

And here’s the overall special “Daman-e-Koh facelift” look…

So PROUD of what the future may hold if and when Daman-e-koh scales up globally



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