Preparing For Fall; A Guide To Perfection


Isloo’s weather has been “falling”, lately, isn’t it?! Did you catch that? ;)This long awaited fall after an excruciating, what felt like the longest, summer has people way too excited. And as they should be! Having fun in fall has to be the easiest sport that there is. Just jump in a pile of rusted leaves and you will have that instant serotonin boost that you want. However, can you think of any other activity for fall? If you answered a big flat “NO” then do not worry because we have got you covered. Let us tell you how to spice up your fall and have fun while doing it!!

Pumpkin Spice And Everything Nice:

What, other than pumpkin, screams the arrival of fall? Pumpkin has to be the official mascot for the fall season. Do you know what this means? PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE IS COMING BACK TO THE MENUS. A perfect cup of the fall season is definitely pumpkin spice latte. If you have never had it before, then this is THE perfect time to get the perfect taste of the season. CREMA at Beverly center definitely has, one of the best, pumpkin spice lattes ever. You have got to try it out. Keep an eye out for their pumpkin spice addition to avoid missing it!

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Shop Till You Drop

Seriously, if you do not head out in the beautiful season of fall, you will miss out the best sales ever. Yup, that’s right! A number of outlets, if not all, have end of season sales, where you can get your favorite outfit at a flat discounted price. LAAM, Charcoal and even Limelight have started selling out their discounted pieces. So head out before you miss out the chance to grab, what could be, your next signature outfit!

Apple Picking

A nice little Sunday, is a Sunday spent well outside with fresh breeze and beautifully, tarnished leaves. We have found the perfect outdoor activity that you can participate in for this fall. Apple Picking! Hear us out! Islamabad Nursery Farm has some of the best and hygienic apples that you can get during this fall season. Apple picking with the ones you adore, or even alone, can be really therapeutic. Trust us on this one and head out for some apples!


Going out in fall should be an official law at this point. What is the point of fall season if you are going to stay home all day. We might be sounding like desi parents right now but seriously, there is no fun in staying in when it is absolutely beautiful outside. The best way of going out and enjoying insane views is traveling. Traveling in Pakistan has been made relatively easier with so many travel guides who will not just make the bookings and your journey easier but will also let you know about the best places you can visit in the area. Check out MyTrip.Pk on instagram! They definitely have some of the best guides and best tour plans for you! What better than planning a trip to Skardu for the season of fall?!


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