Dessert Spots To Satisfy Your Sweet Cravings

Desserts In Islamabad

Desserts are probably an essential portion of every meal, the one course that dinner would be incomplete. Dessert is SUPER important for Islamabadis.

If you’re looking for the most sumptuous desserts in Islamabad, pay a visit to the following places:


Hotspot, famed for its sweet delights, is the place to go in Islamabad when you’re seeking the best way to conclude your dinner. The café’s decor will transport you to another era, while the sweets will have you coming back for more.

Burning Brownie Dessert

Burning Brownie has inscribed its history in everything delicious since its early beginnings as a tiny stand at Sector F-7’s petrol pump. However, they don’t only serve brownies. A variety of cakes, tarts, and pastries are available on their dessert menu.

Funky Bake

Funky Bake began as a home-based baking business specializing in customized fondant cakes. They have, however, expanded their menu to include delectable cupcakes. Items you should never miss are Red velvet Cupcakes, Chocolate cakes, Chocolate Cheese Cake, and Coffee Caramel cupcakes.

Street 1 Dessert

Street 1 café provides indoor and outdoor seating and various delectable delicacies to tempt your taste buds. Pancakes, waffles, brownies, and other desserts are among them. Hit Me Skillet cake, Belgian Chocolate Lava Cake, and Belgian Waffles with Chocolate or Caramel are a must-try.

Tuscany Courtyard

The restaurant is a fine-dining institution that serves freshly cooked cuisine to its clients and is inspired by the Tuscany area of Italy. But we’re here to speak about Islamabad’s most extraordinary desserts, and Tuscany Courtyard does not disappoint. There’s a lot to tempt your taste senses, from hot brownie skillets with molten chocolate to bread and butter puddings.

Chaaye Khana

While Chaaye Khana was founded on the love of tea that virtually all Pakistanis share, few people know that it also serves delicious sweets. Chaaye Khana provides some of the most fantastic desserts in Islamabad, whether you want something sweet to go with your tea or want to fulfill hunger.

Nocciola Chocolaterie Dessert

This one is for fans of the delicious chocolate hazelnut spread that is recognized and adored worldwide. Everything now has a Nutella flavor twist, from parathas and naans to toppings and desserts. And no one does it better than the restaurant that was once named after it.

These delightful mouthwatering desserts will make you revisit these cafes and spots.

Doesn’t that make you hungry?! Check out Hi-Tea’s around town as well, they have some GREAT desserts in them!


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