Cocomo Lovers Become Victims of Inflation

Cocomo Lovers Become Victims of Inflation

The best possible way to experience nostalgia is through taste and scent. The amount of nostalgia that you can get through your taste-buds is incomparable. And one of the most nostalgic and memorable snack from our childhood is cocomo.

Cocomo has the ability to shift your day from bad to good immediately. It does not even feel like a snack, it’s literally magic. Moreover, people have been wanting a cocomo cereal for as long ass one can remember.

Are you even a Pakistani if you have never had cocomo. There is literally no way to ignore a snack this good and tasty. And if you have never had it before, then buddy you have missed out big time. Because as it turns out cocomo has betrayed the generations that have passed and the generations to come.

What happened to cocomo?

We have a very disheartening story to share so you better brace yourself. The quantity of cocomos per packet has reduced drastically. There were already not enough cocomos in a 5 rupees packet to satisfy our craving and now this decrease has left many disheartened. 5 rupees packet of cocomo will now contain only 3 cocomos. This might seem like a lie but NOPE. Only 3 satisfactory bites of cocomo and that is it.

Pakistan’s legal advisor for South Asia, Reema Omer, took to Twitter to express her disappointment and grief regarding the cocomo situation. It seems like Reema is extremely hurt by this change.

Stay strong Reema. Stay strong.

It turns our Reema Omer is not the only one expressing how hurt she has been after finding out the disappointing update. A number of people have taken to Twitter to share the grief of this situation. Check out some of the tweets.

One user even mentioned how there is a dire need of cocomo. And the fact that the cocomo is becoming expensive for them to have only 3 bites, he questioned what will children eat now.

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