Get Your Pet A National Identity Card

Pet National ID Card

Have you ever thought of making a National identity card for your pet? A graphic designer and Illustrator, Maham Sohail, make cute and aesthetic looking personal ID cards for your pets.

She tweeted about the fun she has making these illustrations. I had so much fun developing Casper’s CNIC that I wanted to check how it looked in real life! This will most likely become a permanent part of my wallet.

What’s the fuss about?

She creates unique greeting cards and has them printed and delivered to you! On her website, she wrote about the busy schedule and only opening up ten custom card spots. Therefore, ten individuals at a time who complete their forms will get their cards produced.

To place orders, visit –>

Whose the AWESOME person behind this pet creativity?

She is a freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator living in Lahore. PhotoShop, AfterEffects, Illustrator, C4D, Premiere, and Autodesk Sketchbook are among my software skills. As my work may span from humorous topics to serious real-world concerns, she has worked with various businesses and individuals. I also love collaborating with a variety of national and international non-governmental organizations.

She is also running her Merchandise named ‘IRDKMAHAM‘ and a YouTube channel. At an affordable price, you can have customized illustrator designs.

The Islamabadis are placing orders for the ID card of their pets. Unfortunately, the slots get fully booked FAST. Pet lovers in the house!

But don’t worry, you can book your order from the website and get on the waiting list for your turn as soon as acceptance restarts.

This is what the Pet ID Card ACTUALLY looks like! Little Casper shows off his ID Card

This concept is FABULOUS and useful for pet intros too

She mentioned that when she is not working on client assignments, she volunteers with local non-profits. Giving back to society, according to Maham Sohail, is the most critical aspect of growing up.

Your pets deserve their identity cards, don’t they? Let them have their Id cards, so you don’t always give their intros. Instead, show others the card, and they’ll get it.

Feeling like taking your pet for a walk to show off their ID card, then check out these INCREDIBLE parks


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