Amazing Organizations To Support Who Are Working For Flood Relief

Amazing Organizations To Support Who Are Working For Flood Relief

Floods are a MASSIVE cause of concern in the country at this moment. Ever since the monsoon rains hit Pakistan, it has all gone downhill for a number of areas in this country. A lot of locations are currently drowning while others are named as danger zones that are likely to be hit with heavy rainfall. However, a number of organizations and hotels have come forward to provide a helping hand for everyone affected in those areas.

It is not surprising to see people become a reason of hope for all those that have gone through this massive devastation in the country. Moreover, people have been donating money, food, clothes and all the other essentials, you name em’, to these helpful organizations. Here you will find answers to 3 most important questions: What to donate? Who to donate? For whom to donate? Here are some of the most amazing and helpful organizations, working for flood relief, that you can support.

Alkhidmat Pakistan

Alkhidmat Pakistan have not just been helpful in collecting donations, but are also currently in those areas that are affected with floods. They are definitely one of the most trustworthy organizations right now.

Account Title: Al-Khidmat Foundation
Bank Name: Meezan Bank
Account number: 0214 0100861151 Swift Soft CODE: MEZNPKKA
IBAN: 0214 0100861151

JDC Foundation Pakistan

JDC is currently working with Pakistan’s biggest e-commerce market, Daraz, to provide essentials to everyone affected.

Wang ORG


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Legal Aid Society Pakistan

Women Democratic Front

You do not live in Pakistan and therefore, have no idea how to donate or help? Don’t worry, Women Democratic Front enables all the international helpers to be able to support those fighting for their lives.

Vaseela E Raah

This is a flood relief campaign started and managed by one of Pakistan’s most soulful singers, Hadiqa Kiani. It is amazing to see people using their platforms in the most effective way possible. Isn’t it?!

Team Pasbaan

So why wait when you can help people of your country right here right now!

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