Babar, Shadab And Naseem Shine In The New Jerseys

Babar, Shadab And Naseem Shine In The New Jerseys

Behold people! Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Is back with ano0ther surprise. And this time this surprise has brought us some LOOKS from the nation’s beloved players cuddled in jerseys.

PCB launched the national team’s new jersey for the T20 World Cup 2022 happening this October 16th. And oh boy the start of the tournament will be INSANE with Pakistan VS India match chosen to be the opening match. But that deserves a separate headline, doesn’t it?!

Can we talk about the new jerseys first?!

Taking to their official twitter, PCB shared an interesting video highlighting the new jersey and WOW! Take a look at it yourself to know how great this actually is!

This is the most dramatic sequence of the reveal but you bet we will all be here for it!

The kit features dark green color with yellow stripes being added to the shirt as a new design. The logo of the PCB is printed on the top left side. And yes how can we forget. The engraved symbol of the “Park View City”. Representation of Isloo!

But wait before the extensive description of the jersey, can we talk about the looks SERVED by our players? Pakistan’s beloved and the best of the best skippers, Babar Azam, looked absolutely dashing while modeling the jersey. With his strong and leading persona, he shined extra bright in the promotional video. All our words end on Shadab Khan. Because seriously how can you have anything prepared when you see this guy? One glance and BOOM you are speechless. His bright aura is visually blinding in this video and we are lovin it. You see what we did there? 😉 Moreover, our rising young star, Naseem Shah, given the nickname of Golden Retriever, gave different vibes to what he usually does. You see, Shah is usually exuding bright and wholesome energy. But oh boy, in this video he definitely brought out the persona he showcased during PakAfghanistan match.

Please give us more!

The players took to their respective Instagram handles to share the joy of dashing in their new dark green jerseys.

PCB did something when they chose these players to model the jerseys.

If you have been watching these insane players since their Under-19 days then we are sure that after watching this video you must be feeling emotional. Our players have grown up well and have groomed themselves to the finest men that they are now.

The reveal of this upgrade in the jerseys has definitely boosted our excitement for the T20 World Cup. And we cannot wait to see these players shine the same way wielding the cup as they have in this video!

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