Pakistan In Semi-Finals? Here’s How To Make Watch-Party Memorable!

Pakistan In Semi-Finals? Here’s How To Make Watch-Party Memorable!

Pakistan officially qualified into the semi-finals and we cannot be HAPPIER! The number of plot-twits this T20 has given us are uncountable yet cannot be enough. And the amount of twits and heart attacks this team has given us are even more than that. But oh man do we love this team. And to show that we have GOT TO support by watching their well-deserved semi-finals match tomorrow. But do you want to make this the most memorable match that you have ever seen? Then don’t worry we have a way to make your watch-party memorable!

Follow along peeps!

1. Grab your besties!

The number one way to make any event memorable is to enjoy it with your bffs. And we are talking, your chuddy buddies. You have not been invited anywhere? Well then be the host yourself! Make sure to invite people who actually like cricket and get togethers. Try not to invite the ones that have no interest in the game because then you might as well just have a little part that has nothing to do with sports. Remember this is a watch-party.

2. Food? Where!

Next up, FOOD! If you are the one hosting the party then serve a bunch of snack type of foods rather than a meal. A bunch of restaurants are currently having T20 discounts flailing around so might as well just grab one. But with sports, the first snack is pizza for us. And guess what?! Broadway Pizza is having ultimate deals for the world cup that are VERY tempting. You can 10 inch medium pizza with dip sauce and lava cake in just Rs. 849. Or you can enjoy a 13 inch large pizza, dip sauce and lava cake in only Rs. 1149. Isn’t this so economical? So, head over to their website and go crazy!

3. Serve homemade snacks

Do you want to go even more economical but kinda fancier with your wathc-party? Then don’t worry there are some mouth-watering snacks that you HAVE to try. You don’t know how to cook? Don’t worry these fun and easy recipes will not only turn you into a professional chef but are bound to make your friends your fans! Check out these amazing recipes here! If you can’t make multiple snacks then have your friends bring one dish each so that way it’s less burden and more variety! 😉

4. Websites streaming the semi-final

You have everything else covered but don’t know where to watch? Do you live outside Pakistan where you don’t have a tv channel that shows cricket? Then first go off at them for not showing the best sports in the world. And second, browse these websites that are showing a fine game of cricket tomorrow! Some websites and apps have made it extremely easy to watch cricket regardless of where you are and are even free to watch. These websites include, Daraz app, Tapmad TV, Jazz Tamasha app, and Ary Zap app. So make sure to check them out and give them a try.

And last but not least, have fun and relax. Because at the end of the day cricket is all about having fun and keeping your spirits high and your sportsmanship alive. Pakistan will be FLAWLESS tomorrow. And if it’s a game of rollercoaster which this team gives every now and then, make sure you have a paper bag to blow in. And have fun at your watch-party!

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