NUST Provides AMAZING Flood Relief Services To All The Affected Areas

NUST Provides AMAZING Flood Relief Services To All The Affected Areas

Pakistan has been hit with one of the worse, if not the worst, floods these past few months. The floods are the only thing people have been talking about. From politicians to international celebrities, everyone has been made aware of how disastrous the floods have been. However, A LOT of people, celebrities and different institutions have come forward to offer help in all the ways that they can. And among them is one of Pakistan’s well renowned universities, NUST, who are offering exceptional services to the affectees.

Exactly what we expected from a huge university like NUST!

NUST, with its alumni association, is highly committed in providing help to those devastated by the floods. The university has been carrying out its relief operations in all the affected areas of KPK, Balochistan, Sindh and South Punjab. And you won’t believe this. NUST has so far managed to distribute 3000+ ration bags to 2500+ families in affected cities. Moreover, NUST students, faculty, staff and alumni have requested 20,000 bottles of mineral water, 6 litres each. This is because of unavailability of clean water which creates hygiene problems. This is SO GOOD!

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But wait this isn’t all!

In addition to this incredible approach, students and faculty of NUST are also working on a concept of “Own a Village”. This concept will help with revival of livelihood shelter and community services. This is because the infrastructure of the affected areas has been completely destroyed. Therefore, this community service will help in reviving what has been destroyed.

“Own a Village” will provide seeds, fertilizers, insecticide spray and agricultural tools and livestock to help reviving the primary sector. Moreover, it will focus on repair and maintenance of school, health care unit, mosque, clean water supply, and sewerage dams.

NUST’s main focus is not just to provide goods and ration but to also provide rehabilitation and reconstruction support in the areas. Since actions speak louder than words, it is clear that NUST is here to help! We have to applaud the efforts made by the students, faculty and the administration for the amazing work that they have been doing!

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