Nation’s Students Bring Home The “Formula Student” Competition Trophy!

Formula Competition Winners

Students from Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences And Technology (GIK), Peshawar, have secured first place in Britain’s “Formula Student” competition. “Team Infinity”, as they call themselves, won the prestigious IMechE Formula Student competition held in UK.

Say What?!

GIK students have engraved their name, along with Pakistan’s, on this international trophy for their virtual software. They have secured the top position by defeating 34 other countries! GIK officially revealed this win by tweeting out the video of the winner announcement in the competition. Students could be seeing showcasing Pakistani flag proudly with winner smiles on their faces.

This is such a proud moment for all of us I think we need a moment. :’)

People of Pakistan are obviously very proud of this achievement by these youngsters.  It seems like the new generation is not here to play when it comes to competitions. In conclusion, they are in it to win it!

It most DEFINITELY is!!

Proud is an understatement.

Ashir Junaid, the “Infinity Team” leader, said it took them two months to develop this software. These two moths were obviously filled with immense hard work and passion. “We are proud to make Pakistan famous all over the world”, said Junaid.

As you should be!

Recently, Moeed Yusuf’s son managed to qualify under-14 chess team, flaunting his green blazer. In addition, who can forget Ahmed Nawaz, the APS attack survivor, becoming the president of Oxford University’s union. With this new generation winning big and making Pakistan proud on every level, national or international, we cannot be prouder to call them Nation’s children. Keep making the Nation proud youngins!

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