TikTok Star Dolly Sets Margalla Hills On Fire For Video


As the country suffers from the effects of climate change in the form of unprecedented heat waves, citizens were rightfully upset over TikTok sensation Dolly’s decision to start a fire in Margalla Hills for a video. Nosheen Syed, known on the internet as Dolly, was then charged for the act through a complaint registered by the Capital Development Authority (CDA). Absolutely BIZARE!

This video BROKE Pakistani internet yesterday

In the video, Dolly is seen walking besides a trail of fire at the Margalla Hills wearing a dress embellished with pearls. The post revealed that Dolly was in collaboration with the fashion brand Bling for the video. In the two TikToks that were released, Dolly can be seen walking alongside the fire. One of the videos features the famous Ali Sethi and Shae Gill song, Pasoori.

Citizens are ANGRY! What is GOING ON in Islamabad?!

After the video was posted on the internet, there was severe backlash in the comments from the public that described the video as ‘disgusting’ and ‘irresponsible’, among other things. As a result of this backlash, the video was removed from TikTok.

Here’s what some people had to say about the fire caused by TikTok sensation Dolly in Margalla Hills:

The video shows a man talking about newly hatched birds that were removed from their nest as a result of the fire. Twitter user @RomanRaza4 described the act as one of “selfishness”.

Many said that she should be arrested!

Some were seriously concerned about the damage of her actions to the environment

While others simply stated that TikTok should be banned!

After this entire debacle, a complaint was lodged by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) in Islamabad under wildlife and environment protection laws. However, it remains unclear whether any official police action has taken place so far.

In an interesting turn of events, however, Dolly posted a video on her Instagram stating that she or her team mates were not the ones to start the fire, but rather it was started by a local to run snakes away from the area.

Check out the video here:


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Many are convinced that the video was shot post-criticism to steer away concern, while others have come to Dolly’s defence. What do you make of these claims? Do you think Dolly should be arrested?

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