YouTube Services Got Blocked In Pakistan?! AGAIN?!

YouTube Services Got Blocked In Pakistan?! AGAIN?!

YouTube service was blocked in some parts of Pakistan, on Tuesday, ahead of PTI Chairman and former Prime Minister, Imran Khan’s, address in Peshawar. And this isn’t even the first time anything like this has happened. YouTube services are often tend to get blocked by the government following Imran Khan’s address. You can iumagine people’s distress over this blockage in YouTube services considering how YouTube and Tiktok are now the main source of news for the new generation. Not just for news but, for many, if not all, primary source of entertainment is now YouTube.

Oh God the stress! We can imagine.

An organization that tracks internet outages, NetBlocks, confirmed on twitter that YouTube was in fact disrupted. They took to twitter to mention how this comes as former PM Imran Khan appears on screen to live stream a speech on the platform.

However, we believe that this confirmation, by NetBlocks, was not even needed. A number of twitter users already showed up to break the news of the service disruption which was messing with their entertainment. Moreover, PTI and other party leaders also took to twitter to express their frustration saying how this promotes anything but freedom of speech.

Oh, this is SERIOUS serious.

A LOT of people rushed to twitter immediately to check whether it was just their platform acting funny or was it happening with everyone. People shared their distress but most of all everyone was busy sharing memes and having fun with the situation.

Twitter must have been grateful to the YouTube ban.

If you thought this would stop our people from accessing YouTube then your are wrong. There is no way that Pakistanis won’t immediately find a solution to a problem that directly affects them. People were quick to share VPN to use to access YouTube. We are not called jugaadi for no reason.

Bob the builder who? It’s Pakistanis the fixers from now on.

Even though the YouTube services were blocked and it was difficult to view Imran Khan’s address, people accessed Twitter space, Instagram and Facebook to watch the address.

If you were trying to access your YouTube and could not do it, now you know why. We hope you did not take it all out on your poor wifi. Always make sure to check twitter before making a conclusion against your poor wifi because you will always find people like yourself on twitter. This is “Jugaad ka daur.” 🤭

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