Where To Shop Till You Drop In Isloo


Islamabad, the world’s second most beautiful capital consists of a diversity of cultures from every corner of the country. The reason behind this much diversity is the students from far-flung areas, employees that seek opportunities that the capital provides. Pakistani’s are fond of shopping and don’t stay back in catching the latest trends. From affordable clothing for the students to expensive international brands, Islamabad provides you with all of them. You are going to witness the best places to shop in Islamabad in the following list:

Giga Mall – Shopping made classy!

Giga Mall is the best place in Pakistan to shop as it has every local and international brand’s franchise. World Trade Centre (WTC) is the second name of Giga mall compromising of Carrefour providing you with every quality daily life essential. Four floors where you can shop and found your favorite brand’s franchise. Oh, wait! You just got tired doing shopping and you need your fuel, so there you go you have the food court. Go and grab your meal refuel yourself and boom you are on your way to shop the leftovers from the list.

Safa Gold Mall – Cost effective shopping done right

Safa Gold Mall is another place for Islamabadis is to shop. The mall provides the purchasers with a convenient air-conditioned atmosphere. This makes the public more efficient for shopping providing shelter from the burning sun outside.

Aabpara market – Bargain your shopping list

If Giga mall is very far from you as you live in a Sector area of Islamabad, no problem there’s a place for you to shop. Aabpara market is located in G6/1, considered a prime location for shopping. You want to find the best-imported goods, there is no better place than Aabpara. There are local, international brands and small food streets to let your energy up. CDA is developing the market on modern lines and will be more convenient to shop there.

Itwar Bazar – Furniture and interior shopping just the way you want it

You have just shifted to Islamabad and are willing to buy the best home furniture and interior decors while you have a tight budget, don’t worry Itwar Bazar got your back. Every single need of a human being can be found in the Itwar Bazar. G11 is the location to find the Itwar Bazar with small fast food stalls that can make your taste bud question, “why you never came here before”.


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