Enhance Your Taste Buds With These Chinese Places

Chinese Restaurants In Islamabad

Ni Hao! Hey, there, Chinese lovers. You can find various restaurants in Islamabad, ranging from fine dining to more informal settings. Stimulate your taste buds with these Chinese cuisines.

Trying new experiences is what makes eating out FUN! Check out these Chinese restaurants and let everyone know how authentic you believe they are.

Wang Fu Chinese Restaurant

Located in one of Islamabad’s most well-known business districts, is notable for offering authentic Chinese food. The cuisine is unquestionably excellent, but how Wang Fu displays its portions keeps people coming back for more. Beef Chili Dry and Wang Fu special soup are two of this legendary eatery’s most famous dishes.

China Town

Keeping to its name, China Town provides authentic Chinese cuisine and ambiance. Kung Pao Chicken and Hot and Sour Soup are definite winners among this restaurant’s other offerings. You’ll want to order more of these meals.

Golden Dragon Chinese

The tempting variety of food as well as the magnificent views of the Margalla Hills that you can enjoy from this restaurant, are two things that stand out. Golden Dragon provides a superb dining experience that is ideal for dinner dates or a get-together with friends. The food served here is perfectly balanced in terms of spices and flavors.

HA PI Chinese Restaurant

Recognized for providing unrivaled value in terms of both cuisine and service. HA PI Restaurant is widely regarded as one of Islamabad’s most fantastic restaurants, and for a good reason. This restaurant has a laid-back vibe, yet the food served here is very addicting.

Kim Mun Restaurant

This joint is located in one of the city’s most affluent neighborhoods. Two of the most notable aspects are the service and the cuisine. There are so many delicious meals on their menu that you’ll be spoiled for choice. So, let us assist you with your Kim Mun order by recommending a couple of the restaurant’s exquisite dishes.

Grab your chopsticks, forks, and soup spoon and devour mouth-watering food.

Other than the Chinese cuisine, do take a look at street food options right here!


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