E-Challan Is Drastically Decreasing Traffic Offenses

E-Challan launched in Islamabad

As part of the Safe City Project, the E-Challan system has reduced traffic infractions since the implementation of E-Challan.

The goal of implementing the new system was to establish a safe road environment for motorists. From monitoring a decrease in traffic violations, and drivers are now following the laws.

In the previous five months, nearly 20,000 E-Challans have been given to motorists for different infractions, including 11,358 for speeding and 8,990 for lane indiscipline.

Owners of vehicles registered with the Federal Excise and Taxation Office will get an E-Challan, which must be paid within ten days of receipt. No payment results in receiving an official challan being filed in the vehicle’s master file, and legal action are initiated against the owner.

With fewer traffic infractions and drivers adhering to traffic regulations, the program’s original purpose of making roads safer for drivers has been realized. In addition, until the challan is paid, the owner cannot sell or transfer the car.

According to Islamabad Police Inspector General Qazi Jamil-Ur-Rehman, a high-definition camera and drones are being used for contemporary policing. He said that these tools help enforce traffic regulations and keep tabs on the city, and he promised that the system would continue to enhance Islamabad’s road conditions.

He also stated that the system helps enforce traffic regulations and effectively monitor the city, and he confirmed that the system would continue to enhance traffic in Islamabad.

Director-General Safe City introduced E-Challan, and he stated his expectations for its success.

The E-Challan system has shown its importance. In the past few months, a decrease has been observed in the violation graphs since the introduction of the E-Challan.

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