Three Planes Flashed With Laser Lights At Islamabad Airport!

Lazer Flashed at Airplane

Three planes were flashed with laser lights before landing at Islamabad International Airport according to pilots who protested to the air traffic controller.

Laser lights were flashed at them when the jets were 30 kilometers from landing at the Islamabad airport. The pilots could go blind and could cause serious problems. 

Alert! CAA Is Taking Actions!

The laser lights were flashed on two domestic planes, PK-682 and PF-125. While ER-702, a flight from Dubai, also experienced the problem. Pilots of the three planes reported the event to the air traffic controller. The pilots told that the incidents occurred when the jets were flying above Fateh Jang.

These events occurred at national airports. Furthermore, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) acted against those who were engaged to prevent an unwelcome occurrence. The same kind of incident took place back on 28 June in Peshawar. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has demanded prosecution that those guilty of projecting laser lights. The CAA demands charges against them.

Similar incident of Planes being flashed has taken place before

The CAA has written to the Secretary of the Interior.  It requested assistance in prosecuting those responsible for projecting laser lights on planes at Peshawar Airport. Two cases of projecting laser lights on airplanes of international and local airlines were recorded before.

A similar incident occurred in Peshawar on the 28th of June. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has ordered punishment for those individuals responsible for flashing at airplanes.

The air traffic controller said that three planes were lit with laser lights before landing. And, the laser lights were flashed at the planes while they were 30 kilometers from landing at the Islamabad airport. This incident may have caused some serious eye-sight problems to the Pilots flying the airplanes

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