A Saudi Man Just Accomplished Climbing The Highest Mountain On EVERY Continent

Hera Shabbir

Meet Badr AlShibani, an avid aventurer and traveler who just finished climbing the highest mountains through all seven continents

The Saudi climber has officially accomplished the ‘Seven Summits’ challenge, which challenges all climbers to climb the highest mounts of each continent. He posted his journey to his thousand of followers and supporters on Twitter and Instagram. People were always cheering him on and showed their utmost Saudi pride throughout Badr’s journey.

He climbed mighty mounts like Mount Everest, Denali, Aconcagua, Mont Blanc and many more.


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Badr also had big names supporting him including Saudi’s STC, Fitness Time, Riyadh Bank, Advsto, and more, who helped in getting all equipment and preparations ready for the climbs. This is such an amazing accomplishment, and Saudi is SUPER proud.


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