Millennials And Gen Z Are Criticised For Their Lack Of Email Etiquette In A Tweet


The tweet by Muna Al Gurg stated:

To Millenials/Gen Z: please don’t start an email with ‘Hey Muna’, it’s neither professional nor appropriate.

It’s somewhat true… I don’t remember when was the last time I read “Dear” at the beginning of an email. But to accuse 2 whole generations of being unprofessional and inappropriate, that stirred up a Tweet battle.

Twitter seems to be the bearer for controversy; remember Ashai’s tweet that said “Pakistanis & Indians Built Dubai…Yet They Can’t Do In Their Own Countries” yikes.

A Tweet Addressing Millennials And Gen Z On Their Lack Of Email Professionalism Got Split Conversations Going

It’s perfectly fine to use “hey” if you know the person you’re addressing but a total no no if you don’t

In order to appear friendly, many people opt for an informal greeting but it’s only okay if you know the person you’re addressing. The corporate world will begin reading “hey” and say “no thank you.”

Reply with the same manner the sender addressed you if you’re unsure

Let’s elaborate on that. If a sender starts off with “good morning” then a more lenient response than “dear” is definitely okay. “Dear” can be too formal if you’re back and forth emailing someone you’re now familiar with. If you’re really unsure, a good tip is to just say “good morning/afternoon/evening.”

The difference between “hey” and “hi”

The comments on the tweet are pointing out that there is a difference between the two informal terms. “Hey” is considered a lot more informal, while “hi” is just a laidback greeting to start off the email.

Is saying “dear” in an email, old-fashioned?

I can’t remember the last time I was addressed as “dear,” but there is nothing wrong with that though. The term was most commonly used in professional emails but somehow over time, it’s being used more infrequently. It’s a preference at this point but just be sure the language stays professional when it’s for work purposes.

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