Here’s How Saudi Reacted To The ICONIC Minions Movie Trend

Hera Shabbir

‘Minions: The Rise Of Gru’ was just released a week ago and the world has responded with the coolest trends and here’s Saudi’s take on it


What you’d think to be an animated hit for children, has become a sensation for people of all ages. From teenagers to adults, to even parents, this movie has got EVERYONE booking seats to the fullest in the theatres. Pictures of people in suits and forming a minion ‘army’ have been circulating all over social media. Viral TikTok’s of boys and girls wearing a suit to the theatres are one of the MANY trends since this movie’s release, and it has officially made its way to Saudi.

People are showing up wearing yellow

@mariam_alqabandii #الشعب_الصيني_ماله_حل😂😂 #explore #trend #laughing #حق_الضحك😂🕺🏻 #مينيونز #minions #minionlover ♬ original sound – f3axx

In support for the minions signature color of yellow, fans are actually coming to the theatres dressed in the perfect yellow attire.

Suits are trending everywhere

This trend went so far that Britain banned people from entering the cinemas in a full suit. Videos and pictures have been circulating everywhere of boys and girls showing up with their squads in suits and formal attire.

The movie merch is super cute

@llrix_ nice movie 🫶 #minions #fyp #fypシ #الشرقيه #اكسبلورexplore #مينيونز_2022 ♬ Rich Minion – Yeat

Everyone’s trying to get their hands on these cute cups and mugs that you can get with every ticket purchase for the movie.


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