A Prison In Saudi Arabia Is Now Introducing Entertainment Programs For Its Inmates


Saudi prisons are working on working on putting a special focus on rehabilitation and are introducing a number of initiatives to support the endeavor.

And one prison in Saudi Arabia has decided to incorporate entertainment programs for inmates

In partnership with the General Entertainment Authority (GEA), Jeddah’s Briman Prison is providing prisoners with a range of theater, music and other rehabilitation programs. These will give prisoners a chance to take part in cultural activities and performances (which their families are also allowed to attend!).

And more prisons will be following suit soon

This initiative is part of the Saudi Ministry of Interior’s long-term commitment to rehabilitation and based on the principle that training, rehabilitation, and employment of prisoners play a key role in the success of reform policy.

This is also not the first of such an initiative

In 2015 a total of 558 prisoners in the Jeddah authority attended a range of workshops in prisons, including social theater, educational and social lectures, and poetry workshops. In 2016, the Saudi authorities opened a family wing at the prison, with 26 housing units where prisoners could meet with their families.


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