This Famous Vlogger’s Story Proves How Welcoming Saudis Truly Are

This Famous Vlogger’s Story Proves How Welcoming Saudis Truly Are

Max of Arabia is a famous vlogger who talks about the most heartwarming experience of Saudi hospitality

In the video, Max mentions how he was waiting at the Airport for his cab, when an old Saudi man came and expressed his concern about Max’s transportation, as his cab was late. The man had offered Max to go to his house and eat, while he waits for his cab to come pick him up. This act of kindness warmed his heart to which Max explained, ‘this would never happen in the west, and if it did, you should be worried.’ This is just one of the many examples of how welcoming and caring Saudis really are, which is definitely something you don’t find everywhere.

Max is an avid explorer who goes around different countries in the Gulf and vlogs the whole experience

He has been to places like Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and is actually originally from the United States. This traveler has actually been able to become fluent in Arabic, and posts the coolest videos of his time around the gulf. Such include him doing the coolest adventures around Dubai and even just having a nice conversations with the locals of the country. This dude is totally living his best life!

Definitely give him a follow if you want to see the happening places in the Gulf.

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