This Japanese Blogger Is Living Life To The FULLEST In Saudi Arabia With Some Awesome Adventures

Hera Shabbir

Meet this Japanese blogger who has named himself ‘Rakudization’ on Instagram and posts all about his adventures in Saudi Arabia

‘Rakudization’ is a twist on the Japanese word for camel (rakuda), which this blogger has made his instagram handle. This blogger is a Japanese expat that lives in Saudi Arabia and posts the coolest pictures. His actual name is Dr. Shota Mitzutani, and he is married to a Saudi doctor, Dr. Wafa Eid. The couple met each other in a Japanese embassy event, and eventually got married. Mitzutani let’s everyone see how he is enjoying all aspects of life in Saudi Arabia.

He has posted a BUNCH pictures of himself with camels and has the cutest poses with them

Here ‘Rakudization’ is visiting AlUla in style in his traditional Saudi look

The Saudi-Japanese couple has visited Saudi’s beautiful hidden gems in places like Jeddah, Wathba Crater, AlUla, and even got to have some fun at Riyadh Season.

He is also an AMAZING photographer because LOOK at this beautiful shot of Riyadh


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