Videos Of Jeddah And Al Khobar’s Seafronts After They Have Been Shutdown Are Almost Eerie


The new precautionary measures to prevent the further rise of new COVID-19 cases meant that most places of leisure – restaurants, cinemas, malls, and the likes – have been shut down for the most part.

And what that led to was massive overcrowding at the seafronts of Jeddah and Al Khobar during the weekends as people flocked to there for the weekend outing

Jeddah’s waterfront, in fact, had to be shut down immediately by the governor and police used loudspeakers to ask people to go back home on Friday.

Al Khobar’s authorities quickly followed with the announcement that the corniche was also shutting down.

And a few videos have since surfaced showing the absolute quiet at both places, now that they are no longer open to the public.

Take a look at Jeddah’s waterfront now

And this is Al Khobar


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