Al Baik Is Giving 10,000 Meals DAILY To Families In Jeddah


Al Baik is proving once again it’s the hero of the food industry with this generous act.

The fast-food chain that, if you haven’t tried its crispy chicken deliciousness, do you even live in Saudi? Well, they’re going to deliver 10,000 meals DAILY to people under lockdown in Jeddah.

Jeddah is under 24-hour lockdown, as Saudi works hard to battle COVID-19, people are not leaving their homes, and although it won’t save lives, there’s something patriotic about Al Baik going out of its way with this helpful measure, helping the families who need it, with free meals daily. Ease a bit of the burden!

Saudi’s LOVE Al Baik, so it’s amazing to see Al Baik give back to the people who helped build it

Main image via @perutmonmon


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