5 Things To Do In Riyadh This Weekend


We’re about a third of the way through Ramadan and while that means weekend brunches and days spent outdoors are out of the question, the good news is there are still a lot of things to do in Riyadh this weekend.

Staying indoors or switching to a night owl schedule is important in Ramadan and we’ve found the activities that will work for just that.

Here are 5 things to do in Riyadh this weekend:

5. Salt 

If heading out to the desert for Iftar isn’t an option, why not hit up Salt Camp Riyadh. The popular burger joint has the coolest popup in the city where you can get a makeshift clamping experience. Open from Iftar until late, you can enjoy a campfire where you throw in your handwritten confessions rather than wood, dig into aptly named campfire burgers and enjoy a perpetually starry night.


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4. Dinosaur Evolution

Go back in time over 65 million years to a time when raptors roamed the earth. Learn about the environment, evolution and of course extinction in this palaeontologist-curated experience at Riyadh Front. Parents and kids alike will be in awe of the life-size animatronic creatures and exhibits. The exhibit ends May 31 so hurry and see it ASAP.

3. Nighttime Hiking

If you’ve overindulged at Iftar time — and lets be honest many of us do — you can walk it off under a guided nighttime hike under the stars. Starting later in the evening and going into the early morning hours, operators are offering guided Ramadan hikes for adventure seekers. You’ll hike for about two hours, enjoy a midnight meal or early suhoor at a campsite and then head back.

2. “Light Upon Light

Experience several art installations revolving around the theme of color and light on these guided tours. Make sure you take your camera, as the glimmering displays make for some incredible photography.


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1. Boulevard Ramadan Market

Enjoy the festive Ramadan decor at Boulevard Riyadh as you enjoy some qahwa and treats, and peruse a variety of vendors and get a head start on your Eid shopping. A lovely way to spend an evening out.


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