This Expat Blogger Has Been Almost Everywhere In The Kingdom Experiencing Awesome Adventures

Hera Shabbir

Laura Alho, populary known as ‘@blueabaya’ posts all about her adventures across the Kingdom

From scenic areas of AlUla to the most adrenaline-rushing adventures in Saudi’s mountains, Laura is definitely living her best life! She is also part of the ‘EU in the GCC’ which comes together to celebrate European expats in Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Bahrain. She posts pictures and videos of some memorable moments in the Kingdom.

Here she is giving you a sneak peak inside AlUla’s famous concert hall, Maraya

Laura was also there for the AlUla Hot Air Balloon festival

She took these amazing aerial shots of Jeddah’s Red Sea

Laura was totally enjoying Riyadh Season with her family here

From Riyadh, to Abha, to Jeddah, and back to AlUla, this blogger is phenomenal at documenting the Kingdom’s wonders. Although most of her content is based in AlUla, where the expat resides, she covers almost everything. Thanks to her videos and extensive content, you can get a glimpse into what Saudi Arabia really is about, aside from the misconception of it solely being a hot desert.

Here’s Laura getting the warmest welcome at AlUla airport


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