This Saudi Engineer Exhibits Innovation With A Chip Created To Detect Cancer

Hera Shabbir

Saudi Engineer, Dana Al-Sulaiman, just won the “Innovators Under 35” award for creating a chip that detects different types of Cancer inside a patient’s body.

Talk about genius! Dana’s primary method to create such innovative technology is micro needles. These needles are covered with a substance that is placed on the skin, are able to absorb liquid, and detect cancer biomarkers. She explained how her method is ‘non-invasive’ and simple.

The genius Engineer also works as an assistant professor for Material Science and Bioengineering at KAUST.


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“The reason that prompted me to create the slide is the painful and tedious process of the traditional way where a sample is taken from the patient.”

Al-Sulaiman also pointed out that the chip she also reveals different types of cancer. Her technology is currently being manufactured and further developed at King Abdullah University, and plans to be delivered to doctors in most hospitals worldwide.

The “Innovators Under 35 Award” is an event to honor technical experts, scientists, researchers, and innovators all under 35 years of age.

The selected innovators will give a brief presentation on their work in a panel, to further utilize and implement their ideas.

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