Top Victoria Secrets Models Have Just Released A Video About The Red Sea Mall And People Don’t Get It


Twitter user Yasmine retweeted a video by Victoria’s Secret with a doubt that received quite a reaction from the social media platform. 

In the video, several of the models of Victoria’s Secret announced that a lingerie store will soon open for the first time in Jeddah’s Red Sea Mall, but then the ending part said this…

Screen Shot 2017 11 18 At 5 00 45 Pm

which confused this specific Twitter user..

And this is what Yasmine tweeted in response to the video

“Victoria’s secret models are coming to Jeddah”, she quoted after retweeting the video

The tweet got retweeted almost 500 times and the reaction from other Twitter users show how confused and surprised some are.

Screen Shot 2017 11 18 At 5 47 43 Pm
Screen Shot 2017 11 18 At 5 46 48 Pm

A lot of users were surprised and thought it odd for lingerie models to enter the conservative Kingdom

Screen Shot 2017 11 18 At 5 25 08 Pm

This person decided to explain what the video actually meant by “see you soon”

“The ‘see you soon’ is for the destination of the store only…,” @AbdolMajidQ tweeted.

Screen Shot 2017 11 18 At 5 29 35 Pm

“I think it’s only the boutique”

Screen Shot 2017 11 18 At 5 27 49 Pm

Others might feel a little uneasy about the ‘confusing news’

Screen Shot 2017 11 18 At 5 32 12 Pm

And this Twitter user was just plain angry

There have been no announcements or confirmation from Victoria’s Secret’s side on the models visiting Saudi Arabia so far 

So perhaps the “See you soon” was meant for the store’s opening only.

Oh well


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