7 Towns In Saudi That Are Beautiful Hidden Gems


For most people living abroad, not a lot of people know about what other places there are around the Kingdom. 

Individuals mostly know about the main cities of the countries… but who knew there were so many hidden treasures? So here’s a list of cities and towns that you might have not known about. 

1. Badr

Badr is a town in Al Madinah and is located about 130 km from the city of Medina. This town is where the famous Battle of Badr occurred in 624 CE between the Polytheists and the Muslims. 

2. Duba

A small city located by the northern Red Sea coast of Saudi, with a population of roughly 22,000, and is referred to as The Pearl of the Red Sea.

Duba also has 3 valleys, Dahkan, Salma and Kafafah and is about 800 km from Jeddah through a highway. The city is frequently used as a port where ferries and shops can operate from to and for to Egypt and Jordan. 

3. Al Wajh

A coastal town in north-western Saudi Arabia, and is apart of one of the largest cities in the Tabuk region.

The relatively small town is focused on fishing as it is the residents primary activity. Their port also used to be one of their main shipping centres roughly 50 years ago. 

Al Wajh is known for also being one of the best places in the Kingdom when it comes to beaches as they are nice, clean and beautiful.

4. Ras Tanura

A city in the Eastern Province of Saudi and is located on a peninsula that extends into the Arabian Gulf.

5. Safwa City

Another city in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia that is situated on the coast of the Arabian Gulf and has a population of about 100,000 people.

Safwa has all basic utilities and departments but is also known for being one of the greener area’s in the Kingdom with a total of 336 hectares. 

6. Al-ʿUla

110KM southwest of Tayma (north-western Saudi Arabia) and is located on the Incense route. It was also the capital of the ancient Lihyanites.

The old city of Al Ula was built in the 13th century, and so the ruins of the medieval town still lays within the area.

7. Al Bahah 

A city located in the south west of Saudi Arabia and is considered to be the capital of Al Bahah Region which is situated between Mecca and Abha.

Being one of the prime tourist attracts, Al Bahah has a pleasant climate that is surrounded by more than forty forests whose inhabitants are mainly from the native tribes.


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