A Video Footage Shows How A Nurse Managed To Save A Person’s Life At A Restaurant In Jeddah This Week


A nurse has been the focal point of praise on Twitter since Monday after video footage showed his superhero ways of saving a man who had stopped breathing.

According to several Twitter sources, the man consumed a bone piece which suspended his breathing while having lunch at a Jeddah restaurant.

Thankfully, a nurse happened to be right there on the scene- who helped the person be able to breathe again.

And it was all recorded via the CCTV of the restaurant

Try to contain your gasps.

The nurse is being thanked on social media for being at the right place and the right time

“Good luck, hero! Thank God, nobody would have known he was on the brink of death.”

A solution was immediately suggested by other Twitteroos (for future reference)

“First-Aid should be taught and added to schools and companies.”

Definitely not a bad idea right there.


We’re sure this guy was commenting on the heroism involved as opposed to the actual choking.


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