An International Skincare Brand Released An Ad That Was Filmed In Jeddah And It’s ABSOLUTELY Soul-Stirring


Jeddah was featured as one of four cities in the region for Nivea Middle East’s latest skincare campaign.

The renowned International brand took four cities, including the Red Sea city, along with four social media influencers from said cities to create a video advertisement- filled with sentiments.

Nivea Middle East’s new campaign ‘Live, Love, Detox’ has done an excellent job with culture inclusion and representation in the region.

( Image Credits: ScreenGrab from YouTube)

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Both the ad and the products seem to really grasp its audience’s needs

Although this isn’t the first time that an International skincare brand sought to cater to Middle-Easterners needs, what Nivea has done will undoubtedly influence other brands to do the same.

The campaign speaks to the Arab woman living in the region, loving the cities they’re in and tackling the adversities of the climate. Plus, the products Nivea has come with actually took into consideration the region’s weather and how women can protect their skin.

The integration of a local personality and the vibrancy of Jeddah stands out

Lifestyle and fashion influencer Alaa Al Balkhy was featured in the video, showcasing and being proud of Jeddah’s art and cultural scene.

“I wish everyone could see Jeddah, Mermaid of the Sea, through my eyes.”


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