The Heavy Raining In Jeddah Has Caused A Flood Yet Again And Saudi Police Is Trying To Help Get Stuck Cars Out


Schools in Jeddah and Taif had to cancel classes today (Tuesday) due to the heavy downpours. So much so that it flooded certain areas in the Kingdom- Saudi police have been helping stuck cars and people get out of the flood. 

A lot of people have tweeted the occurrences and it’s looking pretty bad. Stay safe everyone.

A video footage of the Saudi police helping move cars out of the flood 

This is crazy…

The totally unexpected flood caused this much traffic…

More people tweeted their surroundings and views of the flood

The hashtag #JeddahRain is constantly being updated

With some actually quite excited about this and others not so much

Even this video surfaced online…

Wait… what?

Stay safe, everybody!

Please don’t drive through floodwaters- no matter how shallow.


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