Dubai Peeps Are Obsessing Over The Newly Available Instagram Music Feature 


Alexa… add music to ALL my Instagram stories from now on because it’s FINALLY AVAILABLE IN THE UAE! Content creators are literally shaking RN.

Instagram music is a gamechanger TBH, so it’s no wonder that people are going ham over the feature within just 48 hours of it becoming available in the region.

Prior to this, adding music to your IG stories was possible in other parts of the world but not in the Middle East. However, starting Sunday, March 8 adding music to your Facebook or Instagram stories has been enabled for users in the MENA regions. And IG’s music library hosts a selection of vibbinnn’ tunes that are regionally relevant and many other hit songs that you can browse for.

Setting the mooood, IG content is ’bout to level up BIG TIME yoooo

Using it is V simple! Go to Instagram stories, take a video/pic or upload one and then swipe up and select the music sticker from your list of features

Video Unavailable

Will rely on IG now for my ‘be cool playlist’ inspo NGL


The wait for IG music has truly aged the best of us🙃

Ahhhhhh UAE… WhatsApp calls next please… if you don’t mind!
– Yours truly, every UAE resident ever.

Patiently waiting for IG Reels to roll out now😌

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