Israelis Stuck In Dubai Are Getting Restless To Return Home Amid The Aviation Ban In Israel


Following Israel’s ban on international airlines from flying in and out of the country in a bid to curb the spread of COVID infections, many Israelis have been left stranded in Dubai for over a month.

The lack of return flights has left hundreds of stranded Israelis in Dubai without a way to get back home, leaving many desperate and some even upset watching socially advantaged groups getting permission to travel with impunity, as stated in The Jerusalem Post.

The government is pushing its nationwide vaccination campaign to achieve herd immunity and till then has temporarily closed the Ben-Gurion Airport until February 21, to keep the emerging COVID-19 variants out of the country.

Speaking of the vaccine, showing major signs of success, Israel’s vaccine rollout is aiming to inoculate every Israeli adult by the end of March 2021

The UAE is the first Arab country with lead in vaccination numbers and the second worldwide, behind Israel.

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Israelis are upset that outbound Israir flights from Israel are not taking back stranded passengers on their way back

Two private Israir flights from Israel landed in Dubai over the weekend, one carrying a group of Israeli reality show participants, & one with people working on Israel’s exhibit for Expo 2020… Neither of these flights brought any Israelis back to Israel afterwards.

Read a statement from the Jerusalem Post, the interview with a stranded Israeli national in Dubai also revealed that, stranded residents didn’t have enough time to organize tests and permissions needed and there were people fighting in the airport about who could get on the plane during the emergency repatriation flight last week.

Although, in the same article it was explained that “because the flights were privately chartered, they were not authorized to bring anyone back” via an Israir representative.

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