“Pakistanis & Indians Built Dubai…Yet They Can’t Do In Their Own Countries” Ashai’s Controversial Tweet


Controversial Tony Ashai, who made headlines a number of times under the speculation of working as a spy and also known for his projects with Shahrukh Khan, such as designing SRK’s buildings in Dubai and Los Angeles apartments; shared yet another controversial tweet on Sunday, causing a stir on social media.

Commending the UAE’s leadership, Ashai discredited India and Pakistan’s developments by remarking,

“Pakistanis and Indians built Dubai in last 20 years yet they can’t do it in their own countries.”

He added, “leadership & systems matter & until you don’t drop 400 Yr. old British system, you can catch up.”

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Ashai implied that the two South Asian countries should discontinue following the British system in order to speed up their development pace.

Dubai is truly a cosmopolitan city

Ashai doted over Dubai and its leadership before sharing his advice for the latter two counties.

One tweep retorted back to Ashai saying, “Except for the legal system, the UAE follows UK & US standards & protocols in virtually every sector.”

Others countered Ashai’s remarks by reminding him of the dissimilarities between the UAE and the two South-Asian counties and the UAE’s leverage in terms of finances and resources

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