A Saudi Movie Wins The Best Experimental Film Award At The Prestigious Septimius Movie Fest


In what is being praised on social media as a big win for Saudi cinema, the kingdom’s entry in the Dutch Septimius Awards “The Journey” has bagged the award for the best experimental flick.

The animated action-fantasy film is a joint Saudi-Japanese production and had a production cost of a sizeable $10- $15 million.

That’s huge for the nascent film industry here.

Co-produced by Saudi-based Manga Productions, the film is based on the pre-Islamic historical event known as the Year of the Elephant.

The plot centres around Aws Bin Jubair, a potter who takes on arms to defend his city of Makkah from an army of elephants.

The Journey currently has a 7.1 rating on IMDb.

You can watch the movie on Crunchyroll, which is essentially an anime Netflix, or on Shahid VIP. Weekend movie night sorted.

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