Hurray! All Saudi Heritage Sites Are Open For Tourists Now With Most Offering Free Entry


It has long been a custom that many cultural heritage sites that are located away from the main cities of Saudi Arabia have often been kept literally behind locked doors. But with the push for tourism that Saudi Arabia is witnessing a slew of cultural sites located in small towns have been thrown open for visitors. The best part — most of them offer free entry.

This new development has been announced by the kingdom’s Heritage Commission earlier this week.

Some of the sites that have now been opened for tourists include Tabuk province’s King Abdulaziz Castle and Magha’er Shuaib — both will be open all days of the week!

Other places in the kingdom’s northwest on the list include the visitors center in the archaeological area in Sakaka, Zaabal Castle, Rajajeel Visitors Centre and the archaeological area in Dumat Al Jandal.

One of the most significant places in the announcement is Jabal Umm Sinman that’s one of the kingdom’s most celebrated ancient rock art sites.

The list includes sites in the kingdom’s northern borders all the way to Najran’s archaeological Ukhdood site deep in the kingdom’s south. Simply put, there’s so much on the cards now that a one-week Saudi tour just won’t do. Especially, if you’re a history buff.

The timings of each site have been announced on the official twitter handle of the Heritage Commission.

One place that’s seemingly missing from the heritage commission’s announcement is the historic site of Hima in Najran that’s the kingdom’s newest entrant on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

We’re not exactly sure if that has been thrown open for the public as well.

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