Saudi Arabia’s ‘Miss Pigeon’ Sells For A Huge SR55,000


We have beauty pageants for animals in this part of the world and why shouldn’t we? They’re fine creatures after all. Horses, chickens, sheep and now even pigeons have their own beauty contests here.

Local media reports that a recent beauty pageant hosted by the Saudi Jacobin Pigeon Club saw the winner of the top prize being eventually sold for SR55,000.

It’s definitely not even close to the millions that camels in Saudi Arabia fetch get but hey camels are way much more loved than pigeons in this part of the world.

Participants from all over the globe took part in this beauty pageant that was judged by Australian national Peter Smith, who has previously judged similar shows in other parts of the globe.

The winner of the pageant was judged based on the color and age of the bird.



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