Unbelievable! A Man Was Arrested For Selling A Hotel In Makkah That Never Existed


They could make a movie out of this. MBC, you reading?
This isn’t your average petty crime here, a Syrian man has pulled of a crazy money heist to group of Kuwaiti investors with the amount running into the millions of Kuwaiti Dinars – that’s the most expensive currency in the world out there. Do the math!

The man apparently sold a hotel in Makkah for KD3 million to a Kuwaiti group, except that it never existed.

He didn’t just stop there he even sold apartments in Madinah.

He eventually did get caught and a Kuwaiti court has sentenced him to 10 years in prison, which is accompanied with a hefty fine of KD3 million.
The local press, however, reports that he does have an opportunity to appeal though.



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