Watch: Canadian Vlogger ‘Food Ranger’ Gets An Authentic Saudi Village Haneeth Experience That’s Not To Be Missed


Canadian food vlogger Trevor James aka “The Food Ranger” is one of the most popular food bloggers in the world right now. He was recently in Saudi Arabia and he made his way deep inside mountainous Asir to get his hands on the prized southern Arabian dish called Haneeth.

Making haneeth the traditional way is a long and cumbersome process but that’s the beauty of it as James’ video shows.

Haneeth does not have the same level of popularity as kabsa and mandi, but this video might just well change that.

Just see how delicious it looks. Hunger pangs!!!

Don’t ask for the recipe ‘cus it clearly can’t be made at home and you’ll probably have to Google where you can get the nearest Haneeth to you.


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