10 Tweets Showing The Gloomy Weather In Jeddah That’s Both Beautiful And Haunting At The Same Time


The weather has been increasingly consistent in many parts of the region, with weather warnings being announced on the daily and trending hashtags on Twitter spurting weekly.

Heavy rains, thunderstorms and the occasional flooding have been steady, especially in the cities of Jeddah, Makkah and Madinah. So much so that the General Authority of Meteorology that flashfloods and heavy rains are expected to continue until Thursday.

Naturally, Jeddahwis had their own experiences with the weather to share through the hashtag.

Image Credits: Twitter/ @cotsha6

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1. Many lauded the eerie nature of Jeddah’s morning skies- gloomy yet serene

2. The thunderstorms and raining started Wednesday night

3. A few shared their disdain for the unusual weather in Jeddah

Perhaps, they’ve encountered a bad experience

4. Some defo got the feels from it

5. Most Saudis’ reaction to the rain was largely akin to this:

6. “I was pretending then suddenly…”

7. The combination of the lightning, thunder, rain and the sound of Adhan (call to prayer) was a scene like no other

8. Even passengers from the King Abdulaziz Airport shared their views

9. Even those cruising the streets couldn’t not share a footage of the heavy rains

Though we don’t advise anyone to use their phones and drive at the same time, especially not under these circumstances.

10. Yet still, residents of Jeddah, found ways to welcome and take in both the beauty and scare-inducing weather.

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