Heavy Rains In Riyadh And Other Parts Of The Kingdom Have Resulted In Serious Flooding


There are two types of people in Saudi Arabia right now – those that have just had it with all this rain already and those who are just obsessed with the weather.

It has been raining just about constantly for about two weeks in most parts of the country and the weather seems to show no signs of getting dry anytime soon.

Riyadh was hit by very heavy rain over the weekend which even resulted in massive flooding in many neighborhoods

People have been advised to stay safe (indoors or in dry areas) and avoid valleys or other places that are prone to flooding.

Many neighborhoods and roads in Riyadh were seen to be flooded completely over the weekend with dozens of people trapped in their cars or on pavements.

Even Riyadh’s King Khaled Airport suffered damages because of the weather

It also rained in other cities including Jeddah and Mecca earlier this week.


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