Check Out These Recreations of Sudan Through AI Art

AI Art Sudan

Have you jumped on the trend yet?

Lately, there’s been a bit of a buzz online with the trend of artists from all over the globe using AI art, which has fascinated many people.

This growing momentum has inspired many more to experiment and try out different AI Art techniques and AI art generators like Midjourney and others. With artists depicting some of their favourite places, people and moments.

By entering prompts and letting the generator run it’s algorithm, the results were dazzling to say the least.

Here are a few reflecting a touch of Sudan in AI Art that caught our eye!

‘Wedding Night’

A collection portraying some of the uniqueness of Sudanese weddings.


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Showcasing some of the Sufi traditions as practiced by Sudanese Sufis, a magnificent recreation!

Blue Nile

The Blue Nile during rain season, do you see the glory in this one?

Sudan CyberPunk

Rocking the Sudanese attire? Come on, look at the level of intricacy on this one!

One for the romantics!

Gotta have some romance, right? This user recreated couples from different cultures and backgrounds, check out the Sudanese version shining in grace and BLUE!


Market excursions

The buzz of Sudanese markets and their energy is difficult to encapsulate but doesn’t this give you authentic Souq Omdurman vibes?

And oh the essence of Al Souq Al A’rabi on this recreation by Mohamed Koda !


Reimagining Sudan During Renaissance

History enthusiasts, you bring the twist to everything! This one will satisfy the art-history lovers looking for a Sudanese context.

The beautiful thing about this trend is how people have brought it to life with their own personal touches. Finding universality in recreating images that we relate to, AI in art is certainly worth the look, and with Midjourney, the trend is ever growing!

What about you? What would you like to see more of on AI Art Sudan- edition? We love to hear from you on #LovinKhartoum and be sure to stay up to date with our latest!


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