Have You Heard the Magic of Noori And His Dorpa Band Yet?

Noori and His Dorpa Band

From the Beja Community of Eastern Sudan, Noori and his Dorpa Band are an authentic sound of their people, bringing about change through their music and growing internationally.

Who are they?

Noori, Danash, Fox, Gaido, Naji and Tariq are the musicians behind the magic! They all came together in celebrating deep rooted Beja Music and using their talent to elevate their culture and share it with the world.




Noori’s Tambour-Guitar

One of the spectacular things about the band, is Noori’s designed instrument creating the beautiful melodies. A welded electric guitar to a tambour! A tambour is popularly played in Beja music and was a gift handed down from Noori’s father.

Through blending together a fusion of sounds native to Beja communities, and adding the twist of an electric guitar has certainly made their band a one of a kind. An indescribable blend of electric soul, jazz, punk and blues bridging the past and the present.

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Beja Power!

Their debut ablum, Beja Power, recently released has been the spotlight of their musical journey! Produced by Ostinato Records, Omar AlGhali and currently exclusively managed by O’Gali Creative events.

In testament to their talent and the richness of their music, Noori and his Dorpa Band delivered a musical revolution through this Album. A six track musical journey through time and space, exploring the identity of Beja community and echoing sounds of harmony, it is no surprise that they will go further with this brilliance.

Electric Soul & Brass From Sudan’s Red Sea Coast




“I want Beja music to travel far and wide, and hope that when people think of Sudan, East Africa, or the Red Sea, they think of Beja culture alongside everything else they know from these places.” Noori, band leader.


Healing Music

Their music is nothing short of healing and educational. Nothing beats their passion to create more magic for a growing audience.

Be sure to listen to their album and support Noori and His Dorpa Band!


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